The agreement announced Wednesday between the PT and PSB national boards is the so-called negative sum game, in which the product of the equation is smaller than what would be expected by adding the factors. Saluted by its enthusiasts as a masterpiece, the agreement was supposed to guarantee the elections of Paulo Câmara (PSB) in Pernambuco and Fernando Pimentel (PT) in Minas Gerais, with the withdrawal of two competitors: PT Marília Arraes, in Pernambuco, and the socialist Márcio Lacerda, in Minas Gerais.

What was seen hours after the announcement of the agreement was a complete disaster, which made clear that the agreement was not negotiated or discussed with the two candidates shot down by party decisions. “The application was placed at a banana price for a non-PSB support,” said Marília Arraes . “I was offered, as an alternative to the candidacy to the state government, the candidacy to the Senate in a composition with the Workers’ Party, a suggestion with which I promptly disagreed. I received this communication with indignation, perplexity, revolt and contempt,” said Márcio Lacerda 

It seems clear, therefore, that neither Marília, now the leading progressive camp in Pernambuco, will make any effort for Paulo Câmara, a poorly rated governor who supported the coup against President Dilma Rousseff, and neither will Lacerda support Pimentel – on the contrary, either they are absent from the political process or even support opposing candidacies.

Most important, however, concerns those who should be the most important actors in the political process: voters. These, for the most part, feel betrayed by the agreement reached between the party leadership.