The campaign of Jair Bolsonaro , leader in the researches in the scenarios without Lula, enters the moment of definitions from this Monday. Still without vice after two denials, the candidate of the PSL to the Presidency of the Republic must meet, in São Paulo, with the lawyer Janaina Paschoal to know if she accepts or not the position . Concerned about how it would be for his family to move to Brasilia, Paschoal was reluctant to take office, prompting the PSL to consider an astronaut and even a prince for the job .

After the meeting with Janaína, Bolsonaro will be the last presidential candidate to be sabatinado by the program of debates “Roda Viva”, of TV Cultura. Sérgio Dávila, executive editor of the newspaper Folha de S.Paulo , will participate in the workbench ; Thaís Oyama, editor-in-chief of Veja magazine ; Maria Cristina Fernandes, columnist at Valor Econômico ; Leonencio Nossa, special reporter for the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo ; and Bernardo Mello Franco, columnist for the newspaper O Globo .

The appearance on TV shortly before the start of the election campaign is important for the deputy, whose tiny party, PSL, is expected to be less than ten seconds off the television timetable, which will begin on 31 August.

In addition to allowing Bolsonaro to reach a less connected audience in social networks, the program has the potential to generate even more interest for him on the Internet itself – the deputy is the presidential candidate with the largest number of followers in the networks (7.97 million adding Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

According to a report in the Piauí magazine , the “Roda Viva” was responsible for the biggest peaks of interest on the internet in relation to the candidates since the beginning of the year. This was the case of Manuela D’Ávila, a pre-candidate of PCdoB, who, after being interviewed, ranked second in the ranking of politicians with the highest rate of engagement in Facebook, according to the measurement of the Political Atlas – of Bolsonaro.

The challenge is to hold his tongue, as controversial statements by the deputy can generate a negative impact and displease the unconverted electorate. Or even prosecute, considering that Bolsonaro has already been accused of racism by the Attorney General’s Office for statements about quilombolas, women and LGBTs. Bolsonaro will need levers from now until October. Today is a unique opportunity.