Antonio Conte left Chelsea and David Luiz returned to play. Something that had not happened in six months. The defense, however, minimizes problems with the former coach. 

It is true that the Brazilian defender (former Benfica) suffered several injuries during the last season, but even when he was fit he was almost always deferred against the Danish Andres Christensen and the German Antonio Rudiger. Hence the absence of the Brazilian national team in the 2018 World Cup.

“I think it was difficult when I left home at age 14 and had nothing to eat. Last season was more of a learning experience for me, but through the experience I already have and the life lessons I already have, it was not that difficult to overcome. Of course I love playing football, I love being in the national team, I would love to be in the World Cup too, but we have to have wisdom at the right moments and know how to act. I continued to be professional, to train every day with the joy of being privileged when playing football and to know that God was the one who changed my life. I went through a lot of things harder than this and I’m standing here, “he said after Sunday’s game against Manchester City, in which Chelsea were beaten 0-2.

“We have faced the best team in England and perhaps one of the best in Europe, with a philosophy already in place. For us, we are at the beginning of the work and we will continue our journey, “he said, taking the opportunity to be pleased with his first days with Italian Maurizio Sarri:” We are working every day to try to learn and assimilate the fastest possible, with offensive football and high marking. We are excited and hope to live up to our coach’s philosophy as quickly as possible. “