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What is

Microjob ENGINE?

MjE is a WordPress theme which helps business owners to build a marketplace website where users can post mJobs and interact with each others. As a user in the site, you can be both seller and buyer. Users then can use this site to find their suitable working partners: The sellers (mJob’s owners) can earn money by providing their services The buyers can find their suitable service providers.

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  • Enter your needs

    At first, A can visit your site and uses the search bar to find his suitable partner. All he needs to do is entering the keyword in the search bar and the system will send back the result.

  • Select your favorite seller

    When A decides that B is a good partner for him, he can place an order. A then has to send the money and commission to the admin. Admin will keep it until the job is finished and send it to B.

  • Get your stuffs done

    The mJob is now considered as “Finished”. A pop-up is shown up to let A rate and write a review for B.