Jornal GGN – PDT pre-candidate to the Presidency Ciro Gomes released an article on the afternoon of this Friday (3) criticizing the PT’s agreement with the PSB to isolate him in this year’s election, but stressed that this will not treat the party of Lula as an enemy in the dispute. In the text, Ciro recalls that he was faithful to Lula for 16 years and was even “invited” to leave the PSB when Eduardo Campos was deprived of the choice of Dilma Rousseff as Lula’s successor. Despite this, Ciro says that Brazil can not stand another “bet in the dark”, alluding to Plan B of the PT in this election. This is because, as Ciro has reaffirmed, Lula will hardly be allowed to participate in the presidential race.

Politics can be a very cruel game and, therefore, it arouses many passions and hatreds. It is she who reveals the extremes of the human soul: the extreme nobility and, in these strange times that we live in Brazil, even more, the extreme indignity.

I write in the early afternoon of this Friday, August 3, of the current and critical year of 2018. The facts are running so frantically and surprisingly that I need to date and tell the time. So far no one from the PSB has informed me what decision they have made or will take about their position in the presidential succession.

The press reported, with some euphoria, that the PSB would have reached an agreement with the PT summit. Not, as would be natural, to support the PT candidate, but to isolate myself in the fight, taking me seconds TV time. In exchange, the PT bureaucracy would cut the throat of its young candidate for governor of Pernambuco, Marília Arraes, and PSB would do the same with its candidate for governor in Minas Gerais, Marcio Lacerda.

My word now is for the militancy of my candidacy, and for Brazilians and Brazilians, all of whom are sympathetic to the national question, are concerned about the injustice of our deeply unequal society and all expressions of prejudice and violence that humiliate large our people, but especially the women, the blacks and the poor.

My word is addressed to progressives, all of them. To those who work, first, and to whom it produces.

Calm down in this hour!

The violence and the gross misunderstanding of this attitude of the PT summit should not take our attention away from what really matters: these elections are the last chance, as a Country, to save Brazil from the legitimacy, by vote, of this antipoverty, anti-national and antidecency agenda who has governed us since the coup usurped power through Michel Temer and his gang.

I committed myself, already in my first movements in this walk, to mount a National Project of Development. There are already harsh consequences of my position and, of course, the great interests of international greed, combined with the slave baronity that dominates us, are working. Let us not be naive, let alone paranoid. It is practical. Some examples:

1. I will expropriate, with due indemnities, the oil fields delivered at a banana price to multinational and foreign state-owned companies (!) As of the repeal of the Law of Sharing by the coup plotters;

2. I will, if consummated, render the criminal delivery of EMBRAER to the Americans, as a consequence of a letter I sent to BOEING and EMBRAER asking them to await the approaching popular decision;

3. I will revoke the aberrations imposed by the savage Labor Reform (I was booed for this in the National Confederation of Industry, whose president praised Jair Bolsonaro);

4. I will revoke Constitutional Amendment 95, the so-called PEC of death, which freezes investments in health, education, security, science and technology, culture and infrastructure FOR 20 YEARS!

5. I will defuse the cartel of banks that in the last 15 years have concentrated, in only 5 of them, 85% of all the financial operations of the Country, imposing on our people and our economy the highest interest rate in the world!

6. I will suspend or reverse, if necessary, the privatization of Eletrobras, which would transfer control of the WATER REGIME in our country to foreign capital;

They are just one of the few examples of what is really at stake in this terribly threatening hour of our own future as a nation. It is around this set of values ​​that we must exercise our militancy.

Let us understand with humility and patience the terrible moment that the PT bureaucracy is living. It is no longer political, it is religion, cult of personality, pragmatism of the top of an organization that seems to want to learn nothing more. Calm! Let us speak to the people, let us believe it, let us understand the just gratitude that countless contingents of our population have with Lula. He was a good president for a lot of people.

Let us not accept the trap of pushing us toward conservatism or the violation of our values, much less by some – albeit precious – seconds of TV propaganda. In no case is the PT our enemy!

The summit of the PT will have to face the story with the consequences of its acts now. We are sorry, but our batteries must remain pointed against the Nazi-fascist reaction or the neoliberalism delivered by the group TEMER, PSDB, PMDB. These are the enemies of the Fatherland, these are the traitors of the Nation, these commanders of the high-calf robbery that part of dazzled part of the dome Petista wanted to imitate to give in what it gave. It is against these that we must maintain our struggle, our energies and our enthusiasm! It is in favor of a charming chain of change, that it returns the hope lost by our people, that we should be moved!

The lysergic journey of the PT bureaucracy has a date to end: they intend to deceive the good people who love Lula, with many reasons, I repeat, that he will be a candidate. If it was, most likely as I have done over the last 16 years, without missing a day, we would be together. In fact, a little bit of irony of fate: I was invited to leave the PSB, where I maintain great affection, respect and camaraderie, because I disagreed with my longtime friend Eduardo Campos to be correct with PT …

They will not let Lula be a candidate! Even the stones of the road know this! Worse, the PT bureaucracy knows that too well. That is, it is to dance to the edge of the abyss that the PT bureaucrats invite the Brazilian Nation.

So let’s face it. If it is true that Lula will be a candidate, let us talk; if it is not, please, Brazil: very calm at this time! Our country will not stand another bet in the dark.