he PSL candidate for the presidency of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro , said on Friday (3) that if elected, he could privatize Petrobras “if there is no solution.”

The statement was given in an interview with GloboNews that this week interviewed postulants to the Planalto Palace in the 2018 elections .

“If I do not have a solution, I suggest Petrobras’ privatization, it will end this state monopoly and stop, so that’s the message I give to Petrobras staff,” he said.

“I understand that Petrobras is strategic, so I would not like to privatize Petrobras, that’s my feeling.” Now, if there is no solution, do not have an agreement, you will not have another way, “he added.

According to the candidate, if he is elected, the economist Paulo Guedes will be the finance minister and will have the freedom to conduct economic policy and still choose, for example, the president of the Central Bank.

Gays, women and abortion

During the interview, the PSL candidate said he was not homophobic, adding that he was against what he called a “gender ideology” which, he said, is being taught in schools.

“I’ve never been homophobic. [But] I can not admit that six-year-olds watch movies like ‘Finding Bianca,’ where boys kiss, girls caress each other, to fight homophobia. a father does not want to come home and find his son playing a doll because of the influence of the school, “he said.

In another section, Bolsonaro was asked about what he intends to do, if elected, to combat wage inequality between men and women. He said then that it would be an “absurd” government to create some sort of policy on the subject.

According to the National Survey by Household Sample (PNAD), the average income of men is R $ 2,012, while that of women, R $ 1,522. In addition, survey of the site of jobs Catho shows that women earn, in the same positions and functions, up 53% less than men .

“If you want to interfere in the market, you’re going to break it in. It’s not that there’s someone who earns less or more. ? […] You have no way to interfere in the market. That is absurd, “Bolsonaro said on Friday.

In another section, the candidate of the PSL to the Presidency of the Republic evaluated that it is not up to the Federal Supreme Court (STF) to discuss the decriminalization of abortion .

An action in the Court aims to decriminalize the practice until 12 weeks of gestation. Today, women are allowed to have an abortion in case of rape, life threatening to the mother or an anencephalic fetus