BRASÍLIA – A group of eleven protesters calling for the release of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was expelled from the main building of the Federal Supreme Court ( STF ) in Brasília on Tuesday afternoon . Among the protesters, six said they were on hunger strike for the cause. They were expected to be received by the president of the Court, Minister Carmen Lúcia , but they were forcibly removed by security guards. Three people rolled down the stairs leading to the courthouse door.

The STF security guards, who also had the reinforcement of members of the Federal Police and Military Police, explained to the group that it is not allowed to protest at the place, because it is a public patrimony. Faced with the resistance of the group, the agents did not hesitate to push the demonstrators away from the STF door. Last week, another group threw red paint on the marble floor of the court facade, also in defense of Lula’s freedom.

The group had the intention of staying in the door of the STF during the whole hunger strike, which would be closed only when Lula obtained a habeas corpus in court. As the security team prevented the act, protesters reported that they will return to the STF door every day. Among Lula’s supporters are members of popular movements, such as the Landless Rural Workers Movement (MTST).

– We are workers on hunger strike so the world knows that Brazil can no longer starve. They trampled on us, as if we were an animal. The day they are unemployed, they will try to keep us from starvation, but it may be late. I have pity you – said Luiz Gonzaga, from the Central de Movimentos Populares, one of those who joined the hunger strike.

In front of the STF, the group gave a press interview to explain the act. Their manifesto informs that the intention was to denounce a series of social injustices, such as hunger, abandonment of the poorest, increasing violence and the precarious state of public health. After about 40 minutes, the group was led by security agents to the Three Powers Square, where other people also demonstrated for Lula’s freedom, with flags and banners.