Two men were arrested in flagrante delicto after stabbing and killing a tourist on the beach in the Enseada neighborhood, in Bertioga, on the coast of São Paulo. The victim, according to information from the Department of Public Security (SSP), was trying to protect a lifeguard who was beaten by the pair. The information was confirmed to the G1 on Tuesday morning (31).

According to police reports, the military firefighter warned on the beach the stampmaker Marcos Pereira da Silva, 32, and general service assistant Carlos Cesar Costa da Silva, 35, who had removed a danger sign on the sea , putting at risk the physical integrity of other bathers who were in the place.

The report in the bulletin indicates that Marcos and Carlos began to curse the fireman, who warned them about the contempt. From that moment, both began to attack the military, who was unarmed and requested support from other colleagues via radio. Close bathers noticed the action and decided to act.

The freelance Gerson Barbosa, 39, a resident of Mogi das Cruzes, in the state of São Paulo, and who spent the day at the beach with his family, went to help the bodyguard. The Civil Police reported that he tried to dismiss the fight and was severely stabbed by the two friends.

In case it was registered in the Delegation Headquarters of Bertioga, SP (Photo: Reproduction / TV Tribuna)

The Public Security Department also reported that witnesses saw Marcos leave the middle of the mess to get a knife in his car parked on the beach promenade. He and Carlos, together with family members, fled after the assault on two different vehicles.

The Military Police had already been alerted about the firefighter, target of the aggressions, and about the occurrence, and teams were able to intercept them between the Rio-Santos Highway and the Mogi-Bertioga Highway. Both were detained and referred to the city’s Headquarters Office for investigation.

Meanwhile, Gerson was rushed by a team from the Emergency Mobile Service (Samu) to the Municipal Hospital Emergency Room, but did not resist, shortly after entering the emergency room. The body was taken to the Instituto Médico Legal (IML).

The firefighter was also taken to hospital with a fractured foot and several body injuries, but was discharged after care. Marcos and Carlos were arrested in flagrante delicto for simple homicide, bodily injury and contempt, and are being held at the disposal of Justice.