In a press conference held on Monday 30, members of the Landless Workers Movement (MST) and the Small Farmers’ Movement (MPA) announced for this Tuesday 31 the start of a hunger strike to demand the release and candidacy of ex- President Lula, who has been imprisoned for more than three months in Curitiba. 

João Pedro Stédile, the main leadership of the MST, presented the six demonstrators who will start the hunger strike indefinitely. The number of militants who will be fasting may increase in the coming days, Stédile said. According to the leadership, they will receive medical care and will only end the fast until Lula is released and “hug each one.”

Among the six demonstrators are MP Sergio Görgen of the MPA and Jaime Amorim of the MST. “I am doing this because I think that if Brazil gets into the chaos that the elites want to play by preventing Lula from being a candidate and continuing this model of exclusion today in the country, hunger will be an imposition on millions of innocent children,” said Frei Sérgio. 

According to Stédile, the strikers will seek a space within the STF to concentrate and remain in place “indefinitely”. The leadership of the MST also said that, on August 4 and 5, a caravan of the people of the Semi-Arid will arrive in Brasília, which will leave the hometown of Lula, Caetés, in Pernambuco.

The PT also prepares an act in front of the Superior Electoral Court, in Brasília, for August 15, the date of registration of the presidential candidacies. The party’s goal is to register Lula on this day and wage a judicial battle over his eligibility in the Electoral Court and in the STF.