From time to time, Upwork (website for disclosure and hiring of freelance jobs ) discloses its list of skills that grow the most among those requested by the companies to the self-employed professionals who hire. And as usual, Apple’s technologies and tools are on the list in almost all of its editions.

In the most recent survey , for the second quarter of 2018, knowledge in UIKit ( framework used for iOS application development) and Xcode (Apple’s integrated development environment) ranked in 11th and 15th places respectively.

The top ranking was occupied by Blockchain (the technology behind Bitcoin) and the trends show that knowledge in digital marketing and development techniques are still dominant in the Upwork environment. Look at the top 20:

Google Cloud Platform
Risk management
Product photo
Rapid Prototyping
Google App Engine API
Go Development
Apple UIKit
Business Architecture
Atlassian Confluence
Apple Xcode
Consumer Retention
Articulate Storyline
Scala Development
The site data is based on their own job listings, and the survey also takes into account interviews with large employers and companies from all walks of life to determine which areas of growing interest the freelance job market is .